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The Guardian

Lauren Ingram | The Guardian

Lauren Ingram Lauren Ingram is a tech PR at Clarity PR and sometime journalist. You will find her in thrift shops, 24-hour bars, and putting too much sugar in her tea. Follow her on Twitter: @fakebananas...

Berliners relaxing on a s 008 article
The Guardian

Berlin and the tech startup scene – 10 things to know before making the move

Lauren Ingram: Europe's hippest city has a thriving startup 'scene', but beware, it's not quite as wonderful as the medias make out...

Robert peston the bbcs ec 012 article
The Guardian

Robert Peston v public relations: Are PRs really "the enemy"?

The BBC economics editor's Charles Wheeler lecture described the public relations industry as 'the enemy', but good PRs can provide value and integrity, argues Lauren Ingram...

Office meetings 012 article
The Guardian

Meetings: essential for sharing ideas or a waste of time?

All too often internal meetings are a drain on productivity. So should they be scrapped altogether?...

People taking the ice buc 014 article
The Guardian

Ice bucket challenge: what are the lessons for marketers?

Five marketing, social media and PR pros share what they think other campaigns can learn from the ALS ice bucket challenge...